Code of conduct

We want the Copenhagen Lindy Exchange to be a place where everyone is welcome regardless of culture, ethnicity/race, sexual orientation, gender expression and -identity, religion, socioeconomic status, age or ability. To ensure this, we will not tolerate disrespect, hate speech, harassment, and discrimination on these grounds (or any other). In addition, we expect every participant to abide by these simple rules:

  1. SEEK VERBAL CONSENT when asking someone to dance. It is polite to specify a dance role, and please make an effort to not assume roles based on perceived gender. It is always ok to say no to a dance – you don’t need a reason. Be respectful of someone saying no. Consent can be revoked at any time, also while dancing, and consent to dance does not mean consent for anything else.
  2. RESPECT the wonderful people on the dance floor: their bodies, their personal space and their dance levels. Take care not to hurt your dance partner, and check in with them if you are not sure. If (when) collisions on the dance floor happen, immediately apologise and check everyone is okay. If someone does not wish to dance in a close position, respect this choice. Avoid correcting your partner or giving unsolicited advice about their dancing.
  3. AIRSTEPS, LIFTS, and dips where someone’s weight is taken off of their feet, are not permitted on the social floor. Please reserve these for competitions or a dedicated practice space, and always seek verbal consent from your partner beforehand.
  4. USE LANGUAGE mindfully. Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, ableist or body shaming language is not acceptable. Please respect people’s pronouns. Don’t ask inappropriate questions about people’s bodies and private parts. Don’t make anyone feel “other” or excluded. Don’t use slurs of any kind, not even to explain how “things used to be”.
  5. DRINK RESPONSIBLY & DON’T DO DRUGS. Drinking to excess or doing drugs can put yourself and others at risk of injury. Get high on the music and dancing instead.

By signing up to participate in the event you agree to abide by the points above. We expect that all participants of the event will have no problem with that, and will work from the assumption that any breaches that do occur will be unintentional. As such, anyone found in breach of the code of conduct will be notified and given a chance to correct their behaviour. However, we will not tolerate repeated breaches, and repeat offenders will be asked to leave the event; in especially egregious circumstances this may also be the case for a first offence.

The safety team will be responsible for handling any reports of behaviour that goes against the code of conduct, see below for how to contact them.

Contacting the safety team

We will post notices during the event with the names and pictures of the members of the safety team. If you encounter a situation during the CPH:LX that makes you uncomfortable for any reason, you are welcome to contact any of the members of the team, who will offer you assistance in dealing with the issue. This includes medical emergencies and incidents that are a breach of the code of conduct. However, it is not limited to this, and you should not feel that you have to justify making contact.

When you contact a member of the safety team, they will ask you about your situation, and what kind of assistance you require. If they cannot help you personally, they will do their best to help you find someone who can. In case of medical emergencies, we have a medical doctor present at the event, and members of the safety team can also assist in contacting emergency services.

If you contact a member of the safety team about an incident involving another person (for instance, someone who you feel has crossed your boundaries, or in some other way made you uncomfortable), the safety team member will first ask you about your experience, and whether you require any immediate help. Then, they will talk through the options for contacting the other person(s) involved, which can include warning them that they have breached the code of conduct (if that is appropriate).  However, it is always OK for you to say that you would prefer the other person not be contacted, or indeed in any way made aware that you have been in contact with the safety team. The safety team will respect your wishes in this respect and will not force a confrontation or any other action against your will. In other words, it is always safe to contact the safety team, even if you just want someone to talk to about an unpleasant experience.

When you contact the safety team we will make a note of the fact that you have done so, what the purpose of the contact was (in general terms), and whether it involves any other person(s). We do this so we can track any violations of the code of conduct (including tracking repeat offenders), and so we can make a report of any incidents after the event. However, we will keep this information strictly confidential, and we will delete it after the event, keeping only the report (which will not include any details about the incidents, or other personal information).

Sales terms and conditions

All prices are shown in Euros, and include all applicable taxes. SwingShoes is a non-profit organisation, and is not registered to process VAT payments, so we do not offer the possibility to subtract VAT from the payments.

Your payment will be processed through our secure payment gateway, where it is possible to pay with international cards issues by Visa or MasterCard, or by Danish “Dankort” or mobile payments. We do not retain or process your credit card details directly, but we will process your other billing and contact information according to our privacy policy. You will receive a receipt via email once your purchase is completed.

Event tickets are personal and registered in your name. Once the payment is completed, your purchase is binding: We do not offer refunds of purchased tickets, except in the case where the event is cancelled. However, we will offer the possibility of transferring your ticket to someone else until two days before the event (although we will not facilitate any payments for ticket transfers).

Purchases of T-shirts and other merchandise constitute pre-orders, and you will be able to pick up your orders at the event. Since we use on-demand printing of merchandise we cannot offer refunds for these either.

Pictures and photos

Photos and videos will be taken during the event. If you prefer to not be in those, then please talk to the photographer.