The CPH:LX social fund

This year we are trying something new: We are introducing the CPH:LX social fund, which will allow us to offer tickets at a reduced price for those who cannot afford the full ticket price. We do this because we believe it is important that people of all socio-economic backgrounds have an opportunity to participate in the CPH:LX.

The model is inspired by the Upside Down festival, and follows the same basic principle: When you buy a ticket to this year’s CPH:LX, you will be given a choice of different prices to pay. The regular price covers the cost of organising the festival, while contributing €5 to the social fund. If you can afford to pay more, you can select additional contributions of €10, €25, €40 or €80 when selecting a ticket. These extra contributions will go directly to the social fund and allow us to offer more tickets at the discounted rate.

If you cannot afford to pay the regular ticket price, you can ask for a discount by simply buying the special “Social Fund Discount” ticket type – no questions asked. This functions as a full pass ticket, but you can choose a 25% or 50% discount, which will be paid out of the social fund, i.e., by other participants’ contributions (we will start out the fund at €1000).

Any amount contributed to the social fund that is not used for providing discounted tickets, we will donate to the Black Lindy Hoppers Fund and the Collective Voices For Change after the event.

The different contribution levels (for full passes) are summarised in the table below:

Fund contributionTicket price
-€80€7550% discounted ticket
-€40€11525% discounted ticket
€5€160Full price ticket with a €5 contribution to the social fund
€15€170Add €10 – 4 people selecting this pays for one additional 25% discounted ticket
€30€185Add €25 – 2 people selecting this pays for an additional 25% discounted ticket
€45€200Add €40 – pay for someone else to get a 25% discounted ticket
€85€240Add €80 – pay for someone else to get a half-price ticket

Note that the CPH:LX is organised by a volunteer-run non-profit organisation, so we cannot afford the up-front cost of the reduced-price tickets. For this reason, we limit the availability of the reduced-price tickets to the amount currently available in the fund. This means the reduced-price tickets can be shown as “sold out”; we will, however, replenish them as more people contribute to the fund.

We are excited to try out this idea at this year’s exchange, and we hope it will be well received. If you have any questions about the fund, please feel free to send us an email to