We have a great line-up of bands ready for you for CPH:LX 2024 – see them all below!


Stockholm Swing All Stars

The Stockholm Swing All Stars formed in 2002. The idea was to form a band featuring the top jazz and swing players in Stockholm. The four horn players in the front line play an important role in the band. With cleverly written arrangements, mostly by Klas Lindquist and Fredrik Lindborg, the band can play softly like a small group and seconds later explode in a big band fortissimo. The rhythm section gives the band a bouncing ground for the solos and ensembles. The members of the Stockholm Swing All Stars are considered among the best in their field in Sweden. The band plays swing and jazz music suitable both for concerts and for dancing.

Line up

  • Karl Olandersson – trumpet and vocals
  • Klas Lindquist – reeds
  • Fredrik Lindborg – reeds
  • Dicken Hedrenius – trombone
  • Daniel Tilling – piano
  • Göran Lind – double Bass
  • Mattias Puttonen – drums

Tricia Boutté

From the legendary New Orleans dynasty that is the Boutté Family we are very happy to announce the return of The queen of Jazz and soul, Tricia Boutté.

Whenever Tricia walks out on a stage the whole room can’t help but start smiling. Her music is infectious and she is a master at leading the band into the same spirit that she has, full of groove, melody and soul. She has toured the globe at both big jazz festivals and clubs and it’s rarely anyone in the audience that’s not dancing after a few seconds of hearing her.

TJ Johnson

TJ Johnson is a singer and piano player who can’t be compared to anyone else. He moves freely between Jazz, Swing to the blues and classic RnB as well as the old country and western classics all with his own sound and personality. He had his musical upbringing as a teen going on tour with legendary band leader Max Collie and his Rhythm Aces before taking his own band on the road, which he has been doing now for the last 30 years. His voice has kept him as one of the most in demand vocalists in the UK to this day and he shows no signs of slowing down.