Single Day

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Ticket for only a single day of the festival

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This is a single day ticket, valid for one day only. Select the day you wish to buy a ticket for along with your role above.

This year we are trying something new: We are introducing the CPH:LX social fund, which will allow us to offer tickets at a reduced price for those who cannot afford the full ticket price. This means that you can select how much you wish to pay for your ticket. The regular price allows us to break even, and includes a €5 contribution to the social fund. If you would like to pay more, select one of the other price options. For more information about this, see our page about the social fund.

The prices for the single day tickets are as follows (including the €5 contribution to the social fund):

  • Friday: €75
  • Saturday: €85
  • Sunday: €45

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