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“Doctor”Bernard Berkhout actually is a true doctor, who, outside practice hours, gives room to his passion for swing music.

Discovered Pim Jacobs/Rita Reys, and awarded with numerous distinctions – Edison, soloist prize at The North Sea Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival Breda, Den Bosch (Jazz In Duke Town) he belongs to Hollands jazz icons. Holland’s monthly Elsevier called him th Dutch “King of Swing” in September 2011. The Swing Orchestra are all outstanding professionals, whose names can also be found with Andre Rieu, Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy, Dutch Swing College Band, Chris Barder Band, Metropole Orkest, Caro Emerald etc.etc.

As they play swing from the 1930’s exclusively, iot is no wonder that they have a constant following of Lindy Hop dancers. Their CD Let’s Dance is available in 38 countries. Their repertoire centers around Benny Goodman’s arrangements from the late thirties. Benny Goodman, the King of Swing had unsurpassed influence on popular music for many decades.

The Band: Bernard Berkhout (clarinet), Nanouck Brassers (1st trumpet), Michael Varekamp (cornet/vocals), Koos van der Hout (trumpet), Jack Coenen (1st trombone), Markus Glas (trombone), Bert Brandsma (lead alt saxophone-clarinet), Piet Keizer (alto-bass saxophone-clarinet), Erik van der Weijden (tenor saxophone-clarinet), Hans Goemans (tenor saxophon-clarinet), Mark van der Feen (piano), Hans Voogt (guitar), Frans Bouwmeester (double bass), Barry Olthof (drums), Mirjam van Dam (vocals).

Bernard Berkhout And His Swing Orchestra already played at: Paris Flying Festival (France)Hep Cats Holidays (UK)–Roma, Antwerpen(B)–Jazz In Duketown–International Lindy Hop Exchange, Amsterdam–SS Rotterdam–Paard van Troje–Breda Jazz Festival– KRO′s Radio Boekenbal gepresenteerd door Frits Spits–Zoetermeers Jazz Festival mmv Scott Hamilton–Koffie MAX–Riverboat Jazz Festival Silkeborg (DK) Goois Jazz Festival Bussum–Jazz Comes To Town Epe–Fribourg Jazzparade (CH)–Jazz Societeit Engels–Marckolsheim Swing (Fr)–Meer Jazz