Vintage Corner

Once again, we will have a small shop.
The Vintage Corner will be open at the parties at Nationalmuseet, Thursday-Saturday.
Bring and sell your own stuff, buy a CPH:LX t-shirt, get a vintage hairstyling before the party,
or just enjoy a relaxed moment with the lovely shop volunteers.

Copenhagen Lindy Exchange will feature The Vintage Corner, where you will have the opportunity to sell (and buy) vintage and dance related items.

Want to sell your stuff?

You bring your items, you set the price, and maybe you’ll even volunteer to stand in the booth for a while?
Join this Facebook group and let us know!

Opening hours

The Vintage Corner will will be open during the parties at Nationalmuseet from 20-00.
That means that you can buy and sell at the parties on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Pop Up Vintage Hair Salon

Can’t be bothered to do you own hairstyle or do you just want to spoil yourself? Book a hairstyling appointment for Friday or Saturday night and we’ll make sure you look amazing.
As dancers it is often more comfortable to have your hair up than down, and the updo lasts much better when dancing than a flowing set of waves. For that reason we only offer full up-dos or parcitial up-dos.

Hairdos are done at the party venue, in front of Vintage Corner.
The lovely ladies from the shop A Touch of Vintage will again this year provide courses and hairstyling for the participants at CPH:LX. There is however a small change, they have just launched Vintage Styling Salon, Copenhagens first styling salon, and will be showing of their skills both at the venue and at their premises.

You can sign up and pay before the parties, and be sure to get a spot, or you can take your chance and show up on the day.

Book time in advance to make sure. Each styling takes approximately 30 min and costs 200kr
After we have received your payment, you will receive a link to a sign-up sheet where you can choose your time slot.