We are happy to announce that international swing DJ Shorty George will be playing at the CPH:LX 2015

Who is DJ Shorty George you ask, let’s find out:


“Anything that you can tap your foot to is good music.” -Louis Armstrong. If you see Shorty tapping his foot, you can bet he’s gonna make you smile & dance. If you see him dancing at the DJ Booth, you can bet he’s bringing the crowd with him to newer heights. If you see him imitating Cab Calloway’s head-banging, watch out!

Dancing & loving Lindy Hop, Balboa, & Blues since November 2004, Shorty George travels for dance – 1 year in Australia, 1 year in Holland, 3 months in Iceland, now in Turkey since 2010. Living like a gypsy, he toured Europe in 2009 for 11 weeks, part of it dancing in the streets alongside a gypsy folk jazz band – the Cangelosi Cards. For more info, see www.shortygeorge.com.