We are happy to have the excellent DJ Janne and his vast collection of superb swing music to this years event.

Janne“Janne pushes the “swing” button on the dancing crowd, giving 20% more Lindy Shock and 30% more Smokey Feet, all from the press of a button. When it’s time for hard-driving swing, he drops the song on his attentive audience, and says,”BAM”. When the bosses needs a DJ to bring the swing, they call him. No questions.” – Shorty George

Building an atmosphere, giving content to the dance floor and at the same time keep it swinging, that’s what Janne aims for. Janne has refined this skill at many of the well known camps and dance floors in Europe (Lindy Shock, Ljubljana, Vilnius, Herräng, Istanbul, Berlin, Barcelona…), in Canada (Montreal) as well as in his hometown: Gothenburg, Sweden.