Taster Teachers

 We have a fantastic lineup of teachers for our taster classes at this year’s CPH:LX. Read one below for a description of all of them, or scroll to the bottom to see the taster programme overview.

Ayub Abdulkadir

Get ready for an electrifying taster session from one of Denmark’s best House and Hip Hop dancers! Ayub, from Concrete Soul Crew and CLASHcph team, is a well-known figure in the street dance scene. With over 10 years of experience, Ayub has won numerous battles in Northern Europe and performed in shows and theatre. He is also a passionate teacher, who loves to share his knowledge with others. Join Ayub in a taster class to experience his exceptional freestyle, technique, and insights that have won him many accolades. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn firsthand from Ayub’s expertise and witness his skill in action!

Ayub will be teaching the House taster at 19:30 on Saturday.

Nikoleta Kallipoliti

Nikoleta has a rich background in traditional Greek, and other dances, but the freedom of expression and the  culture and history of jazz dancing won her heart. She loves performing, teaching and occasionally competing, not only Lindy Hop, but also Solo Jazz and Blues and has showcased this at many events in Europe. In class, Nikoleta encourages her students to tap into their creativity and individuality, while also connecting them to the rich history of jazz dance. She considers learning to be an ongoing journey, and as such, never stops investing in her skills as a dancer and teacher. Nikoleta is based in Stockholm, where she teaches and performs regularly. She loves spending time with friends and will never say no to ice cream.

NIkoleta will be teaching no less than three tasters at this year’s CPH:LX:

Nick Beaten

Before relocating to Stockholm, Nick was a scene leader in Brussels until 2020, promoting live music events to connect and inspire students. His greatest joy is to inspire people to connect to each other and express themselves.

He also enjoys the theatrical side of free form self-expression within Vernacular Jazz dances. After he joined the Jazz Maniacs, the Old Soulz crew coached him to develop authenticity in his dancing.
Now teaching in Stockholm at Chicago and Swedish Swing Society, this hasn’t stopped Nick from training in Brussels, and winning the last Savoy Cup City battle.

Nick will be teaching the Ballroom Blues taster at 21:00 on Friday and the Lindy Hop taster at 19:30 on Saturday (both together with Nikoleta).

Vasco André Wate (Mitó)

Born in Tete, Mozambique, Mitó is an artist and choreographer of Mozambican traditional, contemporary and Afro-swing dance. He currently lives in Leipzig, Germany.

Mito’s professional career includes performances at swing festivals in Mozambique, participation in international festivals and conducting unique workshops.

Mitó teaches highly physical and dynamic techniques, influenced by the diversity of traditional Mozambican dance, body postures, movement shapes and designs, aesthetic feelings, interpretation of humanity and the environment. The classes include physical coordination, strength and body awareness exercises.

Mitó will be teaching the Afro Swing taster at 19:00 on Friday as well as the Mozambican Dance taster at 12:00 on Sunday.

Martin Lasthein

Ever since discovering Lindy Hop in 2009, Martin’s been teaching, performing, competing and his favourite: social dancing. His approach comes from an odd mix of his dad’s love of big band jazz, playing the drums as a teenager and a brief career as a house DJ in London. Martin’s focus is finding inspiration in the music, his partner and exploring happy accidents.

Martin will be teaching the Lindy Hop taster at 18:15 on Saturday (together with Anne).

Anne Normann

Anne is based in Gothenburg where she is regularly seen on the dance floor as a social dancer, instructor and performer. Anne loves the lindy hop for the playful communication to the partner, joint in a great connection but still with a lot of freedom and room for individual musicality. Apart from lindy hop she also dance solo jazz and charleston.

Anne will be teaching the Lindy Hop taster at 18:15 on Saturday (together with Martin).

Stine Harrekilde

Stine started dancing Lindy hop in 2013, and hasn’t stopped since. During the past decade, she’s been in the center of the SwingShoes community, being busy learning, dancing, teaching, dj’ing and organizing. She enjoys social dancing the most, because that’s where the magic happens. In classes as well as on the dance floor, she will emphasize the different rhythms we hear and can use in our dancing. The Copenhagen Lindy exchange holds a dear spot to her, having been part of the organizing group for years, and she’s looking very much forward to sharing her love and enthusiasm for the dance and the community with you all.

Stine will be teaching the Beginner’s workshop at 13:30 on Friday and the “Welcome to a swing dance festival” taster at 17:45 on Friday (together with Isak).

Photo credit: Eric Bobrie

Photo credit: Eric Bobrie

Isak Mottelson

Isak is a passionate lindy hop dancer, teacher and fixture of the Copenhagen swing dance community. Isak’s journey in swing dancing started back in 2016 and since then, he has dedicated himself to the dance form, constantly learning and growing as a dancer and educator. 

As a teacher, Isak strives to make lindy hop accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their skill level or experience. He is dedicated to providing his students with a supportive and welcoming environment, where they can learn, grow, and connect with other dancers.

Isak will be teaching the Beginner’s workshop at 13:30 on Friday and the “Welcome to a swing dance festival” taster at 17:45 on Friday (together with Stine).

Monica Blair

Monica is a passionate Jazz dancer from Copenhagen who has been dancing since 2017. She’s an avid social dancer who can be found on the dance floor during any late night. When teaching, Monica firmly believes in encouraging students to explore their own dance by fostering creativity and focus in class. Join her class and discover your own unique dance style. 

Monica will be teaching the Lindy Hop taster at 19:00 on Thursday (together with Daniel).

Daniel Lundin

Daniel teaches Lindy Hop at Chicago Swing Dance Studio in Stockholm, where you can also find him Wednesdays social dancing to the live music. He performs there occasionally too.

Apart from Lindy Hop, Daniel enjoys dancing Locking and other street dance styles. One thing he likes about both Lindy Hop and Locking is the large amount of space there is for playfulness and creativity.

Daniel will be teaching the Lindy Hop taster at 19:00 on Thursday (together with Monica).

Karolina Chrapkova

Karolina, originally from the Slovak Republic, has been dancing since the age of three. Performing traditional folk dances as a child, her professional training began with the ballet academy. Accumulating dance experiences in Latin and Contemporary, Karolina found Swing when she moved to Copenhagen. She then focused on the Charleston, Collegiate/St. Louis Shag, Balboa, Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, and Boogie. In 2017, she began performing, teaching, and winning numerous competitions internationally. She currently teaches at the Happy Feet Studio in Copenhagen. Upon meeting Minn Vo, they discovered their shared passion for performing. Their ensuing friendship resulted in an athletic approach to the movement, acrobatic additions to her repertoire, and ultimately a spot dancing with The Hollywood Hotshots. Karolina has since performed with Minn internationally in Austria (Alpine Jitterbugs), Germany (Swing Time Hamburg), Poland (WarShaw) and even overseas in the US.


Karolina will be teaching the Collegiate Shag taster at 19:00 on Friday (together with Minn).

Minn Vo

Minn is a California Swing Dance Hall of Famer with over 25 years of swing dance experience.  He has studied and worked with legends such as: Frankie Manning, The “Queen of Swing” Norma Miller, Sugar Sullivan, Hal Takier, Jean Veloz, Ray Hirsch, Leonard Reed, Debbie Reynolds and The Nicholas Brothers. His dancing career began in 1997, proficient in Vernacular Jazz, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Air Steps and Collegiate Shag. Minn is the founder of “The Hollywood Hotshots,” a Los Angeles based dance company.  He has professionally choreographed/danced in film/television/stage productions with Channing Tatum, Pink, Selena Gomez, Jon Favre, Sofia Vergara, Sia, Katy Perry, Brian Setzer, Caravan Palace, Post Modern Juke Box and the Kardashians. Now he is an active Hollywood stuntman, having parlayed his training in movement, acrobatics, and timing from the dance floor into action on Film and TV. Karolina and Minn are passionate about swing dancing and look forward to sharing their knowledge with you.

Minn will be teaching the Collegiate Shag taster at 19:00 on Friday (together with Karolina).

Tasters programme



Lindy Hop – Creating with rythm
Time 19:00-20:00
Location Serapionsordenen – Krystalsalen
Teachers Monica and Daniel
Level Open level
Description Lindy Hop – Creating With Rhythm


Lindy Hop – Beginner’s Workshop
Time 13:30-16:00
Location Kedelhallen – Blues room
Teachers Stine and Isak
Level Open level

Do you want to start dancing Lindy Hop? Are you a current dancer looking for a workshop for your dance-curious friend? We have the perfect opportunity for you!

Come and join us on Friday, May 5th for a Lindy Hop Beginner’s Workshop.

Welcome to a swing dance festival
Time 17:45-18:45
Location Kedelhallen – Blues room
Teachers Stine and Isak
Level Open level
Description Curious about meeting other dancers at this festival? Then join this taster! Isak and Stine are local teachers with a passion for the community, and they are excited about this chance to kickstart the exchange with a solid social introduction class. In it, they will guide you through an hour of dancing, exchanging introductions and polishing those jam circle vibes. you will not get to know any new dancing tricks or moves. You will however get to know some new people. Whether you’re a visitor from out of town or a local dancer curious about the ins and outs of a lindy exchange, we hope you’ll join this class.
Time 19:00-20:00
Location Kedelhallen – Major ballroom
Teachers Mitó
Level Open level
Description Afro Swing is the research of the African roots of Swing dances and the honoring of this connection. Since the concept of Afro Swing was initiated by Hodi Maputo Afro Swing in 2012, the research and development of what it is has been ongoing. We believe that is what research is about; to not accept something as true but always be open to new ideas and insight. For us Afro Swing is the beginning of a movement connecting Swing and Lindy Hop with its African roots and this is how far we have come in our research
Collegiate shag
Time 19:00-20:00
Location Kedelhallen – Blues room
Teachers Karolina and Minn
Level Open level
Description Come level up your dancing with Collegiate Shag Champions Minn Vo and Karolina Chrapkova. This Collegiate Shag Taster class is for everyone that wants to learn the dance made famous by the Jitterbugs of the 1930’s 40’s from the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem to the Palladium in Hollywood.
Ballroom Blues
Time 21:00-22:00
Location Kedelhallen – Blues room
Teachers Nick and Nikoleta
Level Open level
Description Ballroom Blues


Lindy Hop – Where the magic happens
Time 18:15-19:15
Location Kedelhallen – Major ballroom
Teachers Martin and Anne
Level Open level
Description Anne and Martin share their ideas for turning social dances into something magical shared here and now.
Creative Moves: A solo jazz exploration!
Time 18:15-19:15
Location Kedelhallen – Blues room
Teachers Nikoleta
Level Open level
Description This is an open-level solo jazz class where we’ll delve into our creativity and discover how to develop and execute our own unique moves and variations. We’ll also explore self-expression through movement, drawing inspiration from the music to bring our individual styles to life.
Lindy Hop – No moves, great dancing
Time 19:30-20:30
Location Kedelhallen – Blues room
Teachers Nikoleta and Nick
Level Open level
Description Lindy Hop – No moves, great dancing
Time 19:30-20:30
Location Kedelhallen – Blues room
Teachers Ayub Abdulkadir
Level Open level
Description Get ready for an electrifying taster session from one of Denmark’s best House and Hip Hop dancers! The class will focus on some of the essential house basics and the house feeling in general. We dance, we do steps, and then we combine the two.


Traditional Mozambican Dance – Mutxongoyo
Time 12:00-13:00
Location Kedelhallen – Blues room
Teachers Mitó
Level Open level
Description Dancing is an integral part of txongoyo. It consists of scattering or aligning a certain number of men and women in one or more lines according to the need of the enemy’s attack. Xigubu dancers are subjects properly equipped “or ornamented” with vegetable objects, fibers and animal skins on the arms and legs. Most of the performers of this dance are barefoot and dressed in petticoats made of animal skin, sometimes using clothing based on fiber lines.