Sign up as a volunteer

They say it takes a village, and we agree! The volunteers are the beating heart of the Copenhagen Lindy Exchange. It is small duties that we’re looking for people for – but we have a lot of them. Here is a couple of quick examples:
  • Manning the check-in desk
  • Standing in the bar
  • Standing in the vintage corner shop
  • Helping out with the parade
  • Helping with the decoration of the venues
  Click here to sign up as a volunteer

What’s in it for me?

Sign up as a volunteer and expand your network in the Swing dancing community. You will become part of the team of dedicated dancers that make this event a great and memorable experience for everybody.

As a thank you we offer you either a Volunteer ticket at a reduced ticket price or free drink tickets during the event. A Volunteer ticket equals a Full Pass (Friday to Sunday). If you take a single shift you will get drink tickets as a thank you. The amount of drink tickets can vary depending on the task(s) and amount of time spent.

How do I sign up?

If you buy a Volunteer ticket that equals a Full Pass (Friday to Sunday), you commit to 3 hours of volunteering during the event. Please note that this can include filling up time slots such as late bar shifts, getting the venue ready before the party or event clean up. You will receive more information on the different tasks to choose from and how to sign up for shifts closer to the event.

Alternatively you can check the box “Considering to volunteer?” when you purchase your pass. By checking this option you are not committing to taking a task yet. We will reach out to you once we get closer to the event with how to sign up for small tasks and single shifts. If you decide to sign up for a task you will receive drink tickets as described above.

More information

If you sign up as a volunteer you will get more information via e-mail when we get closer to the event.