Mass accommodation

There are 28 beds as well as all the amenities you might be looking for – bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, and dining room. It is located in the heart of Copenhagen, just by the canals, close to the main train station, public transport, and in comfortable distance to both venues.

The location is a 15 minutes bike ride from our main venue, or 30 minutes by bus or metro.

Linen, towels, duvets and/or sleeping bag
You have to bring your own linen, towels, duvet and/or sleeping bag.

Further coordination (Facebook group)
Upon registering, you will receive a link to a closed Facebook group for those staying in the mass accommodation.

A house with 28 beds in total, divided into rooms with between 4 and 8 beds in each.
There are bathrooms and kitchen facilities on site.

Thursday – Sunday: 110 EUR (click here to buy)

Duration / length
It’s only possible to book a stay for the entire period Thursday – Sunday.

Details that will follow later

  • Check-in time
  • Check-out time














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