pasted image 3420x1374In case you get hungry from dancing your ass off at the main parties we are bringing in a food cart right up to the venue to cater to your needs.

As our main venue does not sell food and there is a bit of a walk to the nearest late night food options, we have decided to bring in a food cart for Friday and Saturday night. The food cart will be from and it will be parked just outside the main party location for these parties. Here you will be able to buy an assortment of excellent & healthy food stuff to keep your energy levels up so that you can dance till the early morning.


– FRIKADELLEA – homemade Danish pork and veal meatball, on a bed of red cabbage

– FISKEFRKIADELLE – Fish cake from 2 types of fish and homemade relish

– LEVERPOSTEJ – The Danish favourite – liver pâté with bacon and cucumber

– KARTOFFEL – Freshly prepared organic potato with home made mayonnaise

– OST – Brie with greens

– HÅRDKOGT ÆG – Hard boiled egg with homemade mayonnaise

– PULLED PORK – Tender, lightly spiced pork with fresh, tangy coleslaw

– FIGENPÅLÆG – Sweet figs with a slice of fresh fruit

– RUG-RØDBEDE MUFFIN – Delicious and healthy beetroot and carrot cake with lemon and cream cheese

Prices: 35-45 for sandwiches and 20 for muffin