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In our blues room we are very happy to have Stef Rosen play our Saturday night.

About Stef Rosen (he/him):

Stef Rosen is a guitar player and singer from Berlin, Germany. He is considered one of the most innovative and genuine blues players that have emerged in Europe in the recent decades. His way of composing, playing and arranging is inspired by the soulful electric blues from the 70s.

He looks at the tradition of this music with a personal and respectful attitude. He has performed in blues clubs, festivals and blues dance events all around the World, from New York to Moscow, as a solo artist and with bands.

Stef has spent the last 6 years touring Europe and playing at every major European blues festival. Stef is probably the most experienced blues musician playing for dancers this side of the Atlantic and so we are very happy to have him play for us at Copenhagen Lindy Exchange.