Whether or not you just joined the taster with Compagnie Alkhaly Camara, you can come and enjoy their performance.

For a sneak peak on how it can look, see here.

About Compagnie Alkhaly Camara

Alky Plus is a professional dancer and choreographer from Guinea Conakry, educated both at the famous dancing scene of Conakry and in 2014 from the National Guinean Academy of Arts “Institut Superieur des Arts de Guinée”, specializing in traditional Guinean dances and rhythms.

Sal Dibba is a phenomenal drum player who grew up in Bakau, a pulsating  city in Gambia. He’s specialised in both traditional West African music and modern western music, and he has collaborated with countless of international stars such as Tony Allen, Titiyo and Toumani Diabate. Today, Sal lives in Malmø and works as a professional musician across genres.

Naby Bangoura is a djembefola from Guinea Conakry, today living in Malmø. Djembefola (someone who plays the djembe) is a master drummer, who by their drum play is directing the other musicians and dancers. Naby has a deep knowledge of West African djembe rhythms and plays other instruments as well, such as sangban and doundoun drums. Naby grew up in a family of musicians and played drums in the famous dance and drum troupe Ballet Saamato in Guinea. In 2011, Naby founded the Copenhagen based percussion groupe Tamala, where he’s still a master drummer.

Ibrahima ”Yassimbe” Camara grew up in Guinea, Conakry, in a griot family (a griot is a storyteller through song and music in the West African mandingue culture). Today, Ibrahima is furthering the Guinean culture in Göteborg where he lives. Ibrahima plays the djembe drum as well as the West African instrument balafon.

Nuno Rebelo aka Xibata, professional musician originally from Portugal. Nuno has studied and worked with West African percussion in many yearst. He’s playing in the West African percussion bands Semente and Dyabara in Portugal. The knowledge, he has acquired through his many journeys to West Africa, learning from professional drummers, has made it possible for him to develop a rich drum language that he’s using today when playing shows or teaching drum workshops. 

Mamaduba Bangoura started playing djembe at an early age in his native country Guinea. In recent years he has been involved in the Badeya Cultural Dance and Drum group in Gambia, where he was responsible for the drum section. He has extensive experience of teaching drum lessons, both in groups and individually. Mamadouba shares his great knowledge, his joy and pedagogy with his students, and is a phenomenal djembe player himself. Today he resides in Helsingborg, where he is part of the drum group Woffa, based in Malmö / Helsingborg.