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The Lindy Syncopators is a true Copenhagen fairytale story about integration between musicians and dancers. 

The band was started in 2016, when Daniel Rodrigues reached out to the swing community in Copenhagen asking if any of the dancers played an instrument with the goal to have swing dancers playing jazz for swing dancers. After two years of networking and jamming, The Lindy syncopators stopped being a jam band and instead became a 1920’s style dance band that played jazz arrangements inspired by King Oliver and other 1920’s dance bands. 

They’ve added more and more arrangements to their repertoire, from ragtime to Hard bop, to a degree that it allowed the orchestra to study chronologically the different jazz styles throughout those decades and have a good historic understanding of what was happening when new jazz styles emerged.

Above all, the musicians wanted to learn about jazz music from a time when jazz music was dance music and they wanted to bring that music closer to the swing dance community and this way celebrate the synergy between swing dance and jazz music and celebrate how the two art forms still influence each other.

The name of the band “The Lindy Syncopators”, has the name “Lindy” from Lindy hop and “Syncopators” from King Oliver and his Dixie Syncopators which was the bands initial inspiration.


Asta Thorboe (she/her): Vocals

Andrea Crespi (he/him): Clarinet

Ben Peel (he/him): Drums

Daniel Rodrigues (he/him): Guitar/banjo

Håkon Guttormsen (he/him): Trumpet

Jeremy Mazoro (he/him): Upright Bass

Mads Tuxen (he/him): Alto Sax

Søren Christensen (he/him): Piano

Thorsten Søbirk (he/him): Trombone