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Experience how to use your body in a different way and build strength whilst doing it by challenging your coordination and motor skills.

We meet at a local climbing centre (Beta Boulders West). At this centre there are small vertical walls to climb with different levels of setting, meaning that there will be a challenge for everyone! Also Including a gym downstairs as well as aerial hoops and pole. If people would like a play on these I can also help show you a few basic beginner moves for fun to try out in these areas too if requested. 

We can start with a group warm up before heading over to the wall where I provide a few safety tips on how to fall safely from the wall and what not to do whilst people are climbing then we can get stuck into the action! 

Join this WhatsApp group to indicate you’ll join. This way, Niomi can communicate with you directly, and it’ll be posisble to estimate just how many people will join.

Price for this activity is: 90 dkk plus 40 dkk for climbing shoes, paid upon entrance at the centre 
Meet up time will be: 11am 
Beta Boulders West