Soft shoe tap workshop with Daniel Larsson


When: Saturday, 15.00-17.00
Where: Kedelhallen, minor hall
Level: Intermediate (see below for description)

When Daniel Larsson is in town, it would be a shame not to invite him to share some tap with us. Join him in this Saturday workshop.

The level intermediate means, that this is not your first try at tap. You’ve done a few rounds of tap classes before, even if it’s been a while. You’ve tried the basics such as shuffles, flaps, toe and heel, stomps etc. We work with basic tap technique and do a combination. Please bring a soft shoe.

Seeing as the tap community in Copenhagen don’t always overlap with the swing dancing, we’ve made this workshop an open invitation. This means, that non CPH:lx participants also can sign up, but to a higher price. If you have a ticket for the Copenhagen Lindy Exchange, choose the option “CPH:lx participants”.

 – CPH:lx participants: 150 DKK
 – Non CPH:lx participants: 250 DKK.