Mass accommodation 2022

Mass accommodation has been sold out unfortunately. Any available spots will be announced on the facebook event.

The mass accommodation has been a nice add-on to our social activities, giving visiting dancers an opportunity to create their own social hub away from home. It will be whatever you make it to be. We will assist with a volunteer host, who will be available to answer questions and help with check-in. The rest of the magic will be up to you.

The location is a 15 minutes bike ride from our main venue, or 30 minutes by bus or metro.

Linen, towels, duvets and/or sleeping bag
You have to bring your own linen, towels, duvet and/or sleeping bag.

Further coordination (Facebook group)
Upon registering, you will receive a link to a closed facebook group for those staying in the mass accommodation.

We’ve rented a house with 48 bed spaces, shared across 9 rooms – and each room has between 4 and 8 bed spaces.
There will be bathrooms and kitchen facilities on site.

Check in
Thursday, May 26th from 16.00 (flexible).

Check out
Sunday, May 29th at 11.00 (hard deadline).

3 nights: 700 DKK (94 EUR).

Duration / length
It’s only possible to book all three nights.