Need a place to stay during the exchange?

Copenhagen is lovely but can be tough when looking for accommodation. Therefore, we have found a MASS ACCOMMODATION for you!

Picture this:
Wake up after the night of dancing, enjoy the early sunshine in the yard while having lovely brunch with your fellow dancers, cook lunch altogether, dance on the grass, go and see some touristic places nearby or take a nap just before another night full of dancing… As we, Danes, would say, that could be a “hyggelig” time.

This year’s accommodation is a building called “Sovehuset” at Spejdercenter Holmen – a scout center:


  • You will have a whole building with 2 floors
  • Capacity: 24-34 people
  • Kitchen equipped with cooking tools
  • Dining room
  • Several bathrooms and toilets
  • A common yard area with benches just outside the building
  • It is right beside a soccer field
  • There is also a cage with a falcon in it. One of the trainers will be able to show you the bird – pretty cool!


  • Address: Arsenalvej 10 in 1436 København K – it’s right in the center!
  • Less than half an hour by bike to the venue through beautiful spots of Copenhagen (we got a nice deal to rent the bike cheaply!)
  • Christianshavn Metro station is around 1 km from the accommodation
  • It is right beside the canals that is a really nice area to sit and chill
  • It is ~5 min walking from touristic attraction Nyhavn – who doesn’t want to see the colorful Danish houses? Also, one more popular spot – free town Christiania, is nearby.


  • Price range between 185-231 DKK/per night – pretty cheap compared to hostel prices during the peak season.
  • Price depends on the number of people – the more the merrier and the cheaper! (Min. 24 people; max. 34 people). We will charge you with 230DKK x 4 nights = 920DKK. If the price should drop, you will get drink tickets at our bar to refund the money you paid on top.
  • 24 beds, and the possibility to put 10 comfortable mattresses on the ground. You can bring your own sleeping bags/sheets or rent sheets&pillow for 100 DKK.
    You will get a mail about the Sign-up next week if you are already registered for the exchange.