Taster Teachers

No Exchange without taster teachers! This year, we’ve invited three couples to brighten the exchange with interesting taster classes. What’s a taster, you ask? It’s a class of one hour, about a specific theme, chosen and designed by the teachers. It’s called a taster since you only get a small taste in one hour, and not a full meal. But oh what a tasty taste it is!

Minou and Martin (Sweden/Denmark)

Minou & Martin have been dancing together since meeting at Herräng Dance Camp in 2012. They’ve danced their way through events and workshops in Europe and the US with their trademark playful style and contagious, genuine love of Lindy Hop.

Minou Ericson is from Eskilstuna outside of Stockholm and simply loves to dance. While taking street dance classes she was introduced to lindy Hop and it was love at first sight. She loves social dancing, competing, choreographing and performing in both Lindy Hop and authentic jazz, using isolations and other street dance elements as part of her unique style.

Ever since discovering Lindy Hop at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Martin has been pushing his dance by competing, teaching, performing and his favorite; social dancing. His musical intuition comes from an odd mix of his dads love of big band jazz, playing the drums as a teenager and a brief spell as a house DJ in London.

Taster classes

Wednesday 19.30: Own It
Tools for building on your strengths as a dancer and developing your own Lindy Hop style.
Room: Palladium.
Level: Open for all levels

Thursday 20.15: Time to jam!
Tips for entering jam circles, making it great for everyone and leaving an impression
Room: Palladium
Level: intermediate and up

Saturday 19.15: Jazz Junction w. Minou
All you cats join in! Come learn a fun, funky jazz routine with Minou.
Room: Dansetten.
Level: Open for all levels.

Private classes with Martin & Minou?
Contact them at martin@martinlasthein.com


Nora and Dom (Hungary/Austria)

Dom & Nora tried a lot of dances and sports since they could walk – when finally Lindy Hop found them! As for both of them movement, improvisation, fun and challenges are very important, there was no stop anymore and the dance took over their daily life.

In 2014, after couple of years dancing Lindy Hop, they became professional full time Lindy Hop instructors and founded their own company in Vienna, Austria (www.SwingAUT.at). Since then they share their love for Lindy Hop and Swing. They are also teaching in the international Lindy Hop scene at well known Lindy Hop Events, like Lindy Shock in Budapest or also other international Events around Europe.

They continuously travel to swing dance workshops and events around the world in order to expand their dancing and teaching skills and participate in competitions. They competed at the International Lindy Hop Championships in 2016, European Swing Dance Championships in 2013 and are regularly in Finals of Strictly Lindy Hop competitions at international events in Europe.

In their classes you can feel their love for the dance. The classes are filled with energy and fun, the students love their cheerfulness, technical approach and enthusiasm.


Taster classes w. Dom & Nora

Friday 19.15: Floorcraft
We will help and challenge you with dancing on small / crowded dancefloors and give you tips & tricks for it (e.g. techniques to totally avoid rocksteps in your dancing and save some space for other things).
Room: Dansetten
Level: Intermediate and up

Saturday 19.15: Fancy variations w. flow
How to have good flow & energy in your dancing and be able to go crazy on a crowded social floor.
Room: Palladium
Level: Intermediate Advanced/Advanced

Saturday 20.15: Mini jumps
Surprise your partner with some mini jumps & bounces and have even more fun in your dancing. Use them also for musicality, to hit some breaks for example.
Room: Palladium
Level: All levels.



Private classes w. Dom & Nora?
Contact: domandnora@gmail.com

Yana and Guy (Israel)

Beginning to dance only a couple of months apart, Yana and Guy met on the dance floor and immediately began enjoying each others foolishness that could only be acceptably achieved in swing dancing. One of their hobbies at the beginning was practicing pancakes while waiting for other sorts of food to be ready for takeout. Now they teach together at the Holy Lindy Land dance school in various cities in Israel and in cities around Europe, while keeping the initial mischief spirit alive.

Yana discovered swing dance about 8 years ago after getting a swing dance class as a birthday present. Since then it became not only a hobby but a passion and a way of life. Yana works at Holy Lindy Land, the main swing dance school in Israel almost since its opening, now developing a lot of its syllabi. She loves pizza, aerials and cats, and hates long walks on the beach. One of her favorite moments in the past year is getting to the Open Showcase Finals in ESDC 2015.

Swing dancing started out as a joke for Guy. He was tricked by a friend into going to a class, even though he had never tried anything like it before. But the joke was on his friend, as Guy loved Lindy Hop from the first Rock Step. Since then he danced as much as he could, learning traveling and evolving..

Guy is a teacher at Holy Lindy Land swing dancing school in Israel as well teaches and MC all around Europe. Guy teaches with enthusiasm, passion, and lots of metaphors. He is able to see the the student’s perspective and uses that in his classes. In Guy’s class you will always leave with a smile and lots of new knowledge. You won’t believe how you’ve learned so much after an hour of fun and laughs!

Taster classes w. Guy and Yana

Thursday 19.15: Dancing to the rhytms in the music
In this class we will explore different emphasis in the music and see how can we react to them
Room: Dansetten.
Levels: Intermediate Advanced/Advanced

Friday 19.15: Learn Better
In this workshop we’ll focus on peer to peer communication and feedback skills that will help us to get more out of each class and personal training session.
Room: Palladium
Levels: All levels.

Friday 22.00: Blues for lindy hoppers
It’s time to get smooth and funky with some blues dancing baby!
Room: Blue Heaven
Levels: All levels.

Private classes w. Guy & Yana?
Write an e-mail to guygrassiani@gmail.com