Mass Accommodation

We are happy to announce, that we have found a cabin for mass accommodation with space for 25. The Cabin is 20 min walk from the Venue and 5-10 min walk from a station. The price will be 300 kr. For 300 dkr (40 euro) you’ll get an air Mattress with access to an electrical pump and a supply of tea and coffee. You can keep the air Mattress, or donate it to the cabin.

There’s a kitchen that can cook for 25, but not big enough for 25 individual chefs. There is also a big refrigerator. There is only one shower with a limited supply of hot water, but showers with unlimited hot water 20 min away at the Venue open from 8 am. We will only have 4 keys to the cabin, so we will organize a time schedule for the keys to return to the cabin in the evening/night. For example: Saturday night 1key 00:30, 2key 02:00, 3key 04:00 and 4key depending on the wishes for the last group.

Book at SwingShoes Website