Housing: “We will host as many as possible with local dancers, but that’s always a challenge, so you might want to check out hotels, hostels or airbnb. The nearest hotel is Hotel Østerport, which is only a 5 minute bus ride on the 1A from the venue. The many hotels and hostels around Copenhagen Central Station are also easily reachable on bus 1A (a 20 minutes bus ride through the beautiful inner city).”

Mass Accommodation option

Public transportation
Public transportation: “Bus 1A stops right outside the venue and runs all day and night. Bus 3A also runs at all times. It stops at Trianglen, a few hundred meters from the venue, and it’s a safe walk there. Those busses will connect you to the rest of the extensive Copenhagen public transport system and easily get you where you need to go. Google Maps offers route planning for Copenhagen public transport. Your destination is ‘Østerbro Stadion’.”
Getting around

Bicycle: “Copenhagen is quite flat and quite small. Renting a bicycle is a useful option. All larger roads have seperated bicycle lanes. There’s several options for renting bicycles near the venue. Just google it :)”

Walking: “Copenhagen is generally a safe city to walk in, and Østerbro is one of the safest areas in the city. However, as everywhere else, you should always be aware of your surroundings, and do walk with a friend if possible.”