International DJs

DJ Jonas Larsson (SE)

DJ Jonas Larsson from Gothenburg.
Jonas has solid DJ experience from many big events, e.g. five weeks as staff DJ and DJ coordinator at Herräng Dance Camp. He knows how to keep the dance floor warm and your feet moving.

Jonas writes: “I’m Jonas. I’m DJing a lot in the Gothenburg local scene as well as out of town. One of my best weekends of 2016 was CPHLX and I’m really excited to be back! I play classic swing music from big-bands as well as small groups. I aim to play music that makes you happy; songs that you might not have heard but feel like you have. Songs that you have heard, in versions that you might not have heard, and songs that you’ve definitely heard that deserves to be danced to! See you on (and near) the dance floor!”

DJ Sussken – Susanne Kennros (SE)

I love swing music! I play music that make me wanna dance, that have that little extra energy and that makes me happy, and I bet you will feel it too! My strength is to find songs that is fun to dance to. I enjoy DJ-ing for a dance floor with dancers of mixed levels and to find tunes that are fun for beginners but that still have a complexity for the more experienced dancers to play with. Some of my favorits right now are Duke Ellington, Charlie Barnet, Harry James and Larry Clinton. If I should describe my flavor in three songs it would be:
Back room romp – Duke Ellington/Rex Stewart
Betcha nickel (Live version) – Ella Fitzgerald
Flash – Harry James
See you on the dance floor!

(Photographer Lina Diamant)

DJ Wuthe am „Grammophon” (DE)

“Stephan Wuthe is probablyone of the most well known Swing DJs in Germany, born and raised in Berlin. Literally living on rag fairs since the age of ten, he is passionate about Swing music and culture since about more than 35 Years now. He tours European Festivals as a Social Dancer (Lindy Hop, Balboa) and DJ from Cannes to Stockholm, from London to Budapest…

Besides his unbelievable huge selection of authentic swing music, saved on original 78 rpm shellac and vinyl records, he also owns a priceless knowledge about swing history thanks to the friendship to late musicians, dancers and singers of the Swing Era.

Not enough enjoying him live, you can take him home in one of his innumerable Swing music samplers or his recently released book SWINGTIME IN DEUTSCHLAND (Transit 2012, in German) and find his Swing Dancing compilations on CD ( or as downloads on GooglePlay, Amazon, iTunes (DJ Wuthe am Grammophon)…” (Marco Dietz)

DJ Olga (IE)

Olga is a blues DJ based in the fair city of Dublin, Ireland.

Growing up in Ukraine she inherited the Beatles fandom from her father, and the Fab Four became her gateway to the Stones, Bob Dylan and Muddy Waters. Her love affair with the blues truly began after moving to Ireland, where music runs deep in the veins of its culture. Bluesy tunes of Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore caught her fancy and she dived in deep – spending hours researching online libraries, and playing her treasured finds at the local socials and at international blues dance festivals like Fair City Blues, the Spoonful, Octoblues and Bluesberry Nights. For Olga blues music speaks right to the heart and makes the body move, no matter the state of mind.

Olga’s favourite artists are too many to mention and range from Blind Willie McTell to Koko Taylor, from Victoria Spivey to Lightnin’ Hopkins. In her sets she likes to play with a variety of styles, making smooth transitions and throwing in a few surprises!


DJ Meghan Gilmore (CA)

Meghan is a Canadian lindy hopper with a great passion for the music that makes us all want to swing out, just the way that Frankie Manning and his friends did back at the Savoy. She loves the sounds of the big bands and musicians of the swing era, among many others.

Her favourites these days are Count Basie, Earl Hines and Johnny Hodges. You may have danced to her sets at recent events such as Herräng Dance Camp, ILHC, Lindy Shock and Snowball.

DJ Bernie (CH)

Rhythm is it! As a passionate Lindy Hop and Balboa dancer I would claim to know which music inspires dancers most. To me it doesn’t matter if the music is from 1927 or 2017. As long as it really swings, anything goes.

Clearly, 30ies and 40ies big bands have the highest energy. Apart from them, there are countless bands today that keep swing music alive and play music that is wonderful to dance to. My secret recipe as a DJ – if I have any – is probably this: finding the right mix between old and new.

DJ Jonas Olsson (DK)

Active since 2012, this popular local DJ from Copenhagen knows just how to get your feet moving on the dance floor.

He plays irresistible new ‘old’ tunes at events big and small in Denmark and Sweden that leave dancers energized and asking for more!

DJ Per Rock (DK)

Per Rock is a very skilled DJ within jazz and swing music from the era of Lindy Hop. He has specalized in playing old SHELLACK records and uses vintage equipment from 1956 with tube amps.

He loves when the music has THAT special OOMPH and edgy sound. Per Rock initiated Lindy Hop dancing in Denmark some 20 years ago and loves to play music, that tells you to do your lovely Swing Outs. He has dj´ed in Sweden, Denmark and UK. Be prepared for good old classics as well as something special you might not have heard of before.

One, two and you know what to do…
His shellac collection of music from the 20´s to the 50´s is huge and he loves to spread the positive vibes.