Taster Classes - CPH:LX 2016

Taster Classes


During the evenings, right before the parties, there will be free one hour taster classes provided for you by great international and local lindy hop teachers. 

No registration needed, just show up and learn something new! (Please note though, that taster classes are available only for CPH:LX participants.)




Texas Tommy Variations with Alex and Natalia

(19.30-20.30, Søpavillonen, Grand Ballroom)


Level: Intermediate and + (you need to know basic Texas Tommy move)



Charleston: Enhanced hand to hand entrances with Gontran and Sarah

(19.00-20.00, Søpavillonen, Grand Ballroom)


Charleston: Enhanced hand to hand entrances….
How to lead, follow & pronounce! 😉
But that is not all… kicks&spins, quick direction changes, high energy guaranteed!  

Level: Intermediate and +

From 4 to 6 to 8 beat – with Alex and Natalia

(19.00-20.00, Søpavillonen, Upper Ballroom)


How to lead and follow the difference between 4, 6 and 8 count moves.

Level: All levels are welcome

Truckin’ to death with Hakan and Nazlı

(20.00-21.00, Søpavillonen, Grand Ballroom)


Jazz up your Lindy via ‘truckin’.
Level: Intermediate Advanced and +



Unpredictible Swing outs with Hakan and Nazlı

(19.00-20.00, Søpavillonen, Grand Ballroom)


We love Swing out, we love suprises.
Level: Advanced and +

Solo Jazz with Sólveig

(19.00-20.00, Søpavillonen, Upper Ballroom)


Join Sólveig for some jazzy fun and add some musical variations and rhythmical spice to your dancing!

 All levels are welcome (but you need to know basic Solo Jazz moves, e.g. the ones from Shim Sham)


Sólveig is our local Solo Jazz star. She started dancing at the age of 8 and it has been her favorite way of expressing herself ever since. Through the years, she tried several different dance styles (including ballet, classical jazz, belly dance, contemporary dance and street dance) before she finally found her passion for swing dancing in 2010. She immediately got addicted to the awesome music and the contagious joy of the dance. Sólveig has been teaching lindy hop in Copenhagen since 2013, as well as solo charleston and authentic jazz. She just loves all aspects of the dance, whether it’s performing, practicing, teaching or social dancing. And the more the better!

Musicality with Steven Coombe and the Shirt Tail Stompers

(20.00-21.00, Søpavillonen, Grand Ballroom)


“There are no jazz dancers or jazz musicians… only Jazz music!”

Learn the different forms of swing music, the roles of the instruments and how to use your ears to bring your dancing closer to the music. From listening to individual instruments, understanding the importance of melody and how to react to dynamics; this fun and interactive class will open your eyes and ears to a world of new possibilities in your dancing

Level: All levels are welcome



Turns & spins with Gontran and Sarah

(19.00-20.00, Søpavillonen, Grand Ballroom)


In this class we’ll focus on how and where to put spins and turns in your dancing…. And not only the follows!

Level: All levels are welcome

Redirecting with rhythm – with Alex and Natalia

(19.00-20.00, Søpavillonen, Upper Ballroom)


Some snazzy moves and variations to go along with them.

Level: Intermediate Advanced and +