Bands - CPH:LX 2016

Main Bands

Shirt Tail Stompers

The Shirt Tail Stompers are quickly being recognised as one of Europe’s best social dance bands. Formed in 2010 for the London Lindy Exchange and led by Trumpeter Steve Coombe, they have played numerous dance camps and shows throughout Europe. They have a passion for swing music and movement, with their extensive knowledge and experience of social dancing, they are definitely the band to dance to in 2016. Truly appreciating the art of swing and knowing it’s place in history, they are heavily influenced by Fats Waller, Fletcher Henderson, Wingy Manone and many other greats from the swing and trad jazz era of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. They are also influenced by the likes of the early Duke Ellington, Sidney Bechet and the old musical roots of New Orleans. Last year alone saw them playing for dancers in Sweden, France, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Italy and throughout the UK to rave reviews.

Hornsgatan Ramblers

Hornsgatan Ramblers is a jazz band from Stockholm, Sweden. Their main focus is set on rhythm and swing, from the more or less legal ballrooms of New York in the thirties and forties. With the bands’ own adaptations and arrangements of the music of jazz giants such as Duke Ellington, Jimmie Lunceford, Count Basie, Cab Calloway and Charlie Christian, the Ramblers have developed a sound of their own. By now that unique sound has brought the band to countries such as Greece, Italy, Germany, Finland, Turkey, Lithuania, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, etc. And of course all over Sweden. The band was started in the autumn of 2009, when a few swing dancers in Stockholm decided to form a band and to start playing the music that they loved to dance to, to explore it further and reach a deeper understanding of it. The band name comes from a street in the neighborhood in Stockholm where most members work and live, and where the world famous Chicago Swing Dance Studio is located – and in which the very first rehearsals took place. Several of the band members also dance in the renowned swing dance company Harlem Hot Shots and teach swing dancing, and have won and judged numerous dance contests all over the world.

Billy Bros Swing Orchestra

One of the best and young upcoming bands in the land. Keep swinging guys!! (Frankie Manning). Billy Bros is one of the oldest swing bands in Europe, they have been around for 25 years. Quality lasts, and Billy Bros is a guarantee for quality, and you get much more than great music for dancing. The Billy Bros. J.O. music programme, with the add of self-penned songs and the freshness of new arrangements, due to the wild talk of the band-leader Maurizio “Big Daddy” Meterangelo, goes from personal redo of the American Swing songs of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Cab Calloway, Benny Goodman, Jimmie Lunceford,Tommy Dorsey, Erskine Hawkins, Chick Webb, Buddy Johnson, Lucky Millinder and Louis Prima and more… The Billy Bros. Jumpin’ Ork. for the melodic repertoire blows the fuse with some of the coolest Italian female voices, while gives its best with acrobatic stage antics, gags, hard-boiled stories, swing retro-culture and a dazzling zoot-suited wardrobe!!

Six City Stompers

They are the Beatles of Danish Jazz  Lennart Ginman, musician and music director at Copenhagen Jazzhouse. The lindy hop scene in Copenhagen grew up with Six City Stompers. The two fell in love and fooled around all over town. They could be found together in clubs and in the open streets, dancers and music in perfect harmony. The two took a long break, about 4 years ago, but now they will be re-united. Six City Stompers are ready to play the music Lindy Hoppers can dance to, and Lindy Hoppers are always ready to dance. The band was formed in 2004 and since then they have toured mostly in Scandinavian countries, but also in other parts of Europe and China. All of the members of the band have a childhood with Louis Armstrongs music in common. Not many young people play classic, traditional and New Orlenas Jazz, and with their love for the genre it was therefore natural for the six boys to form the band Six City Stompers. In the summer 2006 they won the “European Championship of Traditional Jazz” publics first prize in Paris, with votes counting more than double all the other participating bands alltogether, and won several soloist prizes aswell. In the summer 2006 they won the “European Championship of Traditional Jazz” publics first prize in Paris, with votes counting more than double all the other participating bands alltogether, and won several soloist prizes aswell. They have taken pride in participating in several New Orleans charity concerts, supporting the music community of New Orleans. Six City Stompers is the best band I know of. – Hugo Rasmussen, musician


A young band playing traditional jazz, is not seen that often anymore. Nevertheless, Brassflavour delivers joy of playing and an energy that is rare in a genre that by now is a century old. Brassflavour plays music that doesn’t looses intensity and the good drive at any time. The tunes are played with musicality and enthusiasm for the traditional jazz, and it often gets people off their seat and onto the floor Brassflavour is a busy band playing at jazz clubs, and they are playing almost every year at the Danish jazz festivals around the country.

Blues Bands

Kristian’s Ragtime Band

Kristian’s Ragtime Band is an experience of a live band with a penchant for the big swinging tunes that go right in the heart and legs if they have the urge to dance. Based in New Orleans and the musical life along the Mississippi River in the early 1900s, it takes you on a  journey through time and genres with a small orchestra. Ragtime, Boogie and Jazz being served with vivid stories and a nerve, that only musicians with a 100% love for their music can provide.

Christoffer Johansson

Christoffer has a way of taking the stage and making it his. With faultless sense for drama and suspense, he reproduces the blues, ballads and spirituals of early 20th century America. Whether plucking his strings or just clapping out a rhythm, his gritty voice will keep you spellbound, hanging on every word.