Accommodation options


 1) Private hosting by a fellow dancer

This year we have over 150 guests coming from abroad. Which is great! But it also means, that it has been more challenging to find local hosts than in the previous years. Our hosting coordinator, Jonas, is on the task of matching local hosts with those of you who applied for hosting. However, we know already now that we will not be able to offer hosting to all our international guests. The hosting deals are being made on the first come – first served basis, so if you have registered to CPH:LX long time after we opened the registration, you might need to start looking for alternative accommodation options.


2) Special deal with Danhostel Copenhagen City 

We have made a special deal with one of the hostels in Copenhagen, called Danhostel Copenhagen City (1,5 km from the party venue) for CPH:LX participants needing accommodation: Bed in a 6-bed room or 8-bed room Price: 235 DKK per night (instead of the regular price of 382 DKK) Danhostel has reserved 96 beds for our participants, and the rooms will not be shared with the hostel’s regular guests. So even if you only want to book 1 or 2 beds instead of the whole room, you will be sharing the room only with the CPH:LX people 🙂  Price includes breakfast. You can rent bed sheets for 50 DKK (regular price 65 DKK). Note: Danhostel will begin to sell the rooms out to their regular guests soon, so don’t wait too long with booking your spot! How to book it: Write an email to hostel@danhostelcopenhagencity and give the code: 53163. After you get a confirmation message from Danhostel, you will have 14 days to pay for the booking.


 3) Other hostels close to the party venue

Please note, that we only have a special deal with Danhostel Copenhagen City  


 5) AirBnb

Check also many offers at Airbnb – a website where you can find apartments or rooms to rent, often with very good prices. Airbnb is very popular in Copenhagen, and there is lots of options to choose between.