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2022 Covid

Last update: 30th of March, 2022

COVID status in Denmark

There are no longer any COVID restrictions in Denmark. However, there continue to be recommendations to prevent infection and spread.

It is still possible for private businesses and private cultural institutions as well as associations etc. to make demands for e.g. corona passport or the use of a facemask /shield. However that is extremely rare, these day.

Depending on infections and spread, the Danish authorities can adjust the guidelines for social events. However, the last mild restrictions was lifted by the middle of January, and the infections have dropped ever since. So we don’t think any restrictions are coming, but that is just us speculating. We strongly believe that CPH:LX 2022 will materialize.

Need a COVID-test

Click and read how to get a COVID test here:

COVID and travelling to Denmark

At the time of writing, there are no COVID related restrictions on entry to Denmark.

Follow any chance regarding this on this link here:

Further information for travellers out tourists can be found here:

Further reading

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