2017 Blues bands

Christoffer Johansson

Christoffer Johansson is the hottest musician on the blues dancing scene.

He creates an atmosphere that is both intense and quiet; he makes sure only the music is in focus. He can hypnotize both the dancers and the people just hanging around with his supreme blues.

We are very happy and thankful to welcome Christoffer Johansson back again this year for the 3rd time in CPH:LX history.

Her name & mine

A few years ago, the Copenhagen blues dancers had the best blues dancing band in the world. The band coordinator at CPH:LX started focusing on lindy bands, as a natural consequence of the job, and he almost forgot about the blues bands.

His heart could never forget Her Name and Mine, and the magic moments they created.

Now they are back.

Betty and the Beast

The Copenhagen blues dancers discovered Elisabeth Novrup Boerck 4 years ago, and they fell in love with this great singer.

Elisabeth has been in different bands, but she has always been ready to play the kind of music blues dancers can dance to.

We have hired Betty and The Beast with Elisabeth for the CPH:LX blues scene, and it’s going to be beautiful, because the love is mutual.

Join a true love story.

Jake Green Band

Jake Green is a great musician from the blues scene of Copenhagen.

He plays with his band, The Jake Green Band. He is often playing with the other great names of the Danish blues scene, but at the CPH:LX 2017, he will be solo.

He can both play his own songs and the great blues classics. He’s a great guitarist, but his voice is even greater.

We are very happy to let Jake Green open the blues scene