From Germany DJ ‘Tanzorchester’ Fabian will be playing at this years event

11216452_10152937150276379_29235003_n(1)“The amazing thing about jazz is how it comes in so many different styles and emotions: It can be wild and pushing, subtle and smooth, in can be sophisticated and it can be catchy – and often all that in one song. The same can be said for the Lindy Hop, which is no surprise, since Jazz has always been dance music!”

DJ ‘Tanzorchester’ ( = ‘dance orchestra’) Fabian is a sought-after DJ in his hometown Hamburg, one of the biggest Lindy scenes in Germany. He has been DJing all his life, and when he started to dance Lindy ten years ago, he also soon there after started to collect and play jazz. As a DJ, he is only satisfied when he sees smiling faces and happy feet!