We couldn’t be more excited for our bands in 2023!

Don’t recognize some of the names in this year’s lineup? That is a good thing! This year we have made a specific effort to hire some amazing jazz musicians that we don’t often or ever get to hear at dance events, but who are nothing short of excellent and who are experts in the dialect of swing. We have combined some of Copenhagen’s finest talent with great musicians from abroad to create swinging ensembles that will be sure to have you dancing all night long.


Stockholm Hot Seven

Stockholm Hot Seven is one of Europe’s finest swing ensembles. The band’s deep groove and exquisite arrangements have enraptured dancers as well as the clubbing crowd in Stockholm and beyond in recent years. The septet consists of some of Stockholms young and most talented soloists as well as more established musicians on the Scandinavian jazz scene. Don’t miss out on a night filled to the brim with joy of playing and hard swinging jazz at its best!

Line up

  • Erik Tengholm (trumpet)
  • Linus Lindblom (tenor sax)
  • Hampus Adami (trombone)
  • Axel Mårdsjö (alto sax)
  • Pål Nyberg (guitar)
  • Jon Henriksson (bass)
  • Jonas Bäckman (drums)

Michel Pastre Swing Session

We are so happy to welcome the tenor saxophone powerhouse that is Michel Pastre to the Copenhagen Lindy Exchange! A native of France, Michel has had an incredible career so far playing and leading big bands since the 90s.

You can hear Michel lead the Michel Pastre Swing Session on Friday night alongside some excellent local musicians. Michel will also be featured in one of the bands on Saturday night.

Line up

  • Zier Romme Larsen (piano)
  • Esben Laub (drums)
  • Kasper Tagel (bass).

Copenhagen All Stars feat. Shannon Barnett and Björn Ingelstam with special guest Michel Pastre (Saturday only)

Our next band is an extraordinary collaboration between local and international artists. You can catch them both Saturday and Sunday of the event.

Line up

  • Shannon Barnett (trombone, vocals)
  • Björn Ingelstam (trumpet, vocals)
  • Michel Pastre (tenor sax)
  • Snorre Kirk (drums)
  • Calle Brickman (piano)
  • Andreas Møllerhøj (bass)

Shannon Barnett

Shannon is an Australian trombonist and singer based in Cologne Germany. She established herself in the Australian scene, before moving to New York, where she played with the likes of the Birdland Big Band, Jon Faddis Jazz Orchestra of New York and Cyrille Aimée. In 2014, she moved to Germany to play with the WDR Big Band. She often pops up in the swing scene, whether it be with Ragstretch, Naomi and her Handsome Devils or alongside New Orleans greats like Shannon Powell or Kevin Louis.

Björn Ingelstam

The internationally acclaimed trumpeter Björn Ingelstam has, with his roots in southern Sweden, been a frequent figure on the Scandinavian Jazz Scene. Since moving to New York in 2013 and later on to Paris in 2018 he has developed a unique sound within the Jazz tradition with a refined, modern approach still deeply rooted in the fundamentals of the music with focus on groove, swing and the blues. As a swing dancer, you may have heard Björn play with Charles Turner and Gordan Webster at festivals in the US and Europe.

Tricia Boutté

We are honoured and extremely excited to have the exceptional Tricia Boutté sing with a group of world class, local musicians both Friday and Saturday nights in the ‘Blues and Groove’ room!

A little about Tricia: In New Orleans, musical families are an important part of the social fabric. Tricia “Sista Teedy” Boutté is the next generation of a long line of talented New Orleans performers. Before the age of 18 she began to perform with New Orleans’ jazz legends like Lloyd Lambert, Edward Frank, Fred Kemp and Joseph “Smokey” Johnson. Teedy has already enjoyed a rich vocal career performing in a variety of musical settings.  Her repertoire covers jazz, standards, R&B, pop, soul, gospel and Caribbean music. Over the past several years Teedy has had the pleasure of being on stage or in the studio with some of our world’s greatest performers; Allen Toussaint, Ellis Marsalis, Shannon Powell, Aretha Franklin, Fats Domino, to name just a few. Teedy has performed for concerts, clubs, benefits, festivals and television. These performances have taken her all over the world. She is poised to introduce her voice to every ear – and they will listen.

Line up

Tricia will sing alongside some excellent local musicians: 

  • Morten Æro (drums)
  • Regin Fuhlendorf (guitar)
  • Mads Søndergaard (organ)

Chris Tanner Band

One of our Thursday evening bands is led by none other than our local, swingin’ legend: clarinet player and vocalist Chris Tanner! A native of Australia but living in Denmark for more than 10 years, Chris never fails to light up any room with his exquisite playing, unique and soulful voice, and humour on the microphone.

We have no doubt that you’ll be swinging out all night to the music of this fantastic quintet!

Line up

  • Petter Hängsel (trombone)
  • Mads Søndergaard (piano)
  • Rune Fog-Nielsen (bass)
  • Andreas Fryland (drums).

Sunday Session feat. Dwayne Clemons

This year we will keep the live music going all the way through our AFTERPARTY! Welcome to The Sunday Session featuring Dwayne Clemons. If you haven’t heard him play before, you’re in for a real treat. 

A native of Texas and a later resident of New York City, trumpet player Dwayne Clemons learned and played alongside jazz giants like Red Garland, Barry Harris and James Clay. Stylistically Dwayne, much like his role models Dizzy Gillespie and Roy Eldridge, bridges the Swing era with Pre-bop all the way to the modern stylings of the Bebop greats. For the last few years, to our great benefit, Dwayne has been living and playing in Copenhagen. You can find him playing around town with his own Quintet, Jazz Mess, or with the traditional jazz band Dusty Rag Jazz Band.

Dwayne will be joined by:

  • Sven Erik Lundeqvist (piano)
  • Simon Petersson (bass)
  • Björn Ingelstam (drums)

The afterparty will be held this year at Bartof Station, a great local jazz club with plenty of space to dance and only a 15 minute walk from the main venue. And are you a musician? Join the group for a tune or two during the second set!

Jake Green

This year we have the opportunity to welcome ANOTHER wonderful artist to our Thursday pre-party: local blues musician Jake Green! 

You can find guitarist and singer Jake Green hosting the legendary Blues Jam at Mojo Blues Bar in central Copenhagen every Thursday night! He has won the “Danish blues name of the year 2017” award, and has played with just about everyone in the Danish blues scene. Jake has also wielded his signature green Gibson guitar on the foreign stages of Austin, New York, London, Norway, Thailand, Italy and Spain, to great acclaim.

Trainman Blues

If you are a local of Copenhagen, you have probably heard the dynamic duo that is Trainman Blues. If not, you’re in luck! These great musicians will be joining us late on Saturday night during the Copenhagen Lindy Exchange.

Trainman Blues is a dusty and atmospheric blues project, created by Irish singer/songwriter Richard Farrell, and the Danish producer/bassist Laust “Krudtmejer” Nielsen.
Bringing the fruits of blues, gospel and soul together, with modern production techniques, Trainman Blues has received high praise and has gathered a dedicated fan base throughout Denmark, Europe and the US, winning awards like Best Blues Album and Best Live Band at the Danish Music Awards.

On the 6th of May you will hear Trainman Blues as they are: a raw, dynamic and groovy duo! They are looking forward to making all of you dance the night away!

Line up

  • Richard Farrell (Singer)
  • Laust “Krudtmejer” Nielsen (bassist)