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Welcome fellow dancer!

You’re only a few steps away from securing your ticket to the Copenhagen Lindy Exchange 2019. A prudent choice, if we might say so. We’re offering a number of different ticket options, for the unfortunate case that you cannot join all of the planned shenanigans and parties.

If you want to mix different ticket options, unfortunately you need to register for each one. The machinery behind this doesn’t allow for multiple passes during one registration.

Check here to see what’s included in which ticket.

After completing the registration our homing pigeons will deliver a number of questions to you that we would love for you to answer. Sit tight after the registration and keep the pigeon coop clean and open. The form will handle topics like hosting, bike rental and t-shirts.

Please note that the band line-up and schedule isn’t final and that we might need to make some changes during the months leading up to the event.

Register here