Taster Teachers

No Exchange without taster teachers! This year, we’ve invited three couples to brighten the exchange with interesting taster classes. What’s a taster, you ask? It’s a class of one hour, about a specific theme, chosen and designed by the teachers. It’s called a taster since you only get a small taste in one hour, and not a full meal. But oh what a tasty taste it is!

Jennifer & AJ (US)

Jennifer Runyan & AJ Howard have won 1st place in the Advanced and Open Divisions at ILHC and Camp Hollywood, and we’ve decided it would be a shame not to take advantage of having a champion couple in Copenhagen. We are therefor very happy that they will teach a taster class at CPHLX18.

More details will follow, but one thing is certain: You do not want to miss this!

Kuno (DK) & Gosia (POL) – lindy hop

Kuno and Gosia are passionate lindy hop dancers, instructors and performers.They started their dance partnership in 2010, and they have been traveling around Europe ever since to learn and teach the lindy hop wherever they visit. In class, Kuno and Gosia love to focus on improving the core technique of the participants. They have developed a wide range of exercises to make the learning experience fun and enjoyable for everyone.

With backgrounds in didactics and communication, Kuno & Gosia have a deep understanding of teaching methods, and they always make sure that their classes are well structured and easy to follow for all learning types.

Kuno & Gosia run a swing dance school in Copenhagen: Happy Feet Studio. They are also among the main organizers of the international event The Swing Challenge, and were among the founding organizer for CPH:LX – we are happy to have them back as taster teachers in 2018!


Kat (DK) & Yana (RUS) – solo jazz

Kat & Yana will give you a whirlwind taster of cool solo jazz.

Miranda (DK) and Liam (UK) – blues

Miranda & Liam will give you blues’ing the night away so don’t miss this.