Rent A Bike

The city of bikes welcomes you – rent a bike and explore it for yourself

We have partnered up with the global bike rental service Donkey Republic to make it quick and cheap for you to get biking.Just download the Donkey Republic app and get started:

The app lets you find a rental bike nearby, book online, and get biking 24/7. All you need is the special discount code for CPH:LX dancers – read on for details.
You need no wifi-connection, no cash, no ID, no deposit and you can leave the bike wherever is convenient for you. There will be special CPH:LX hubs of bikes close to the venue and the mass-accomodation site for tents.

BOOK TODAY – the more we are the merrier, and the greater the discount
You can already reserve or pre-book a bike from Donkey Republic.
This way, you will receive your individual discount code in advance and be all set when you arrive in the city.
The more dancers we get to pre-book a bike, the greater the discount, which Donkey Republic will give us.

To pre-book in advance just send an e-mail to