Daytime Activities

Join us for days of fun, sun and lovely Copenhagen

There can be no Copenhagen Lindy Exchange without a range of activities to fill your days with fun, excitement and the chance to get to know your fellow dancers – and the city of Copenhagen.

The daytime activity competition: Do you have an idea for a perfect daytime activity? Send it to us before April 1 and enter it in our “Daytime Activity Competition”. If we pick your idea, you will get the chance to plan and run your very own activity during CPH:LX 2018!

We are still putting together the perfect programme, but here are a few choice picks to give you an idea of what we’re putting together for you.



Death, Seduction and Beer
Thursday at 13:00
Come meet some of the most famous “Great Danes” of the ages as we visit them at their permanent residence: The Assistens Cemetery. Our tour will include an introduction to the history of seduction and our first stop is the grave of world-famous writer of fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen – also world famous for not being the greatest seducers.
Between the stories of fame and seduction we will have breaks for beer tasting/drinking of Danish beers. After the tour we will have a final beer at a place where we can dance, drink and process the whole experience.

Price: Tour of the cemetery – free.
Beer tasting – 80 DKR (if you only want to taste and not drink, you are welcome to share a ticket).

Friday at 13:00
A favourite of past CPH:LXs is back: The Cakewalk. Join us for a tour of Danish Cake Classics where every cake has its own story. As there are many ways to make these Danish classics, we will have a chance to try both a low and high quality version of each cake. And don’t worry – the tour will include walking, so you can have your cake and eat it too.

Price: 80 DKR
Should you for some very strange reason only want to hear about the cakes without trying them – or just really like to watch other people eat cake, you are welcome to join us for free.

Boat trip and Street Parade
Saturday at noon
This is the most classic and popular daytime event at CPHL:LX and a “must” for first-timers at the event. We will tour the canals and harbour of Copenhagen accompanied by live music from musicians from Reverent Juke, Bumpy Roof and The Flying Jazzman. After the boat ride we will dance on some of the main squares of the city as we follow our musicians through the city.